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VRE Train Status

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This app is a tool for riders of the Virginia Railway Express rail service in the Washington, DC area. Easily find trains traveling between your start and end stations and see the scheduled departure times adjusted for any delays or cancellations. You can also see any alerts that have been issued by VRE. See for a full description of this application along with tips on how to use it.
The current train status is included in the schedule listing and you can click on a train in the schedule to view a Google map zoomed in on the train's current location. You can view a larger, system-wide Google map to see all active trains. Train status is indicated by color (green is on-time, red is delayed). You can also click on a train icon to see a popup that includes the status, next station (and current scheduled departure time), the final (terminus) destination station (and current scheduled arrival time), and the placard that identifies the locomotive. This application is a must-have for VRE patrons; no need leave the warmth (or coolness) of your car just to get to the platform to find out your train is late; just use this app to monitor the real-time status and avoid extended waits on the platform. This application is battery friendly; it doesn't constantly access the internet to update the train status; simply revisit a page to get the updated status, or use the menu to refresh the train status. Constructive feedback on this application is welcomed; we anticipate adding more features, driven by requests from VRE patrons.